Is Digital Data Training Enough?

Amid the pandemic, all the organization whether public or private have started working virtually more than ever and this has exponentially increased the cybersecurity risk and threats which invariably impacts the personal data of users shared via their devices, e-mail, servers etc. Certainly, to ensure privacy and to protect the personal data of its citizensContinue reading “Is Digital Data Training Enough?”

Data Privacy vs Data Security: What is the Core Difference

It is a common misconception that ‘data privacy’ and ‘data security’ are synonyms. However, with different set of guidelines, technologies, expertise and know how required, both the concepts entail a difference in understanding and further implementation. Though used interchangeably being used for subjectively protecting an individual’s information unique to them, the difference primarily lies inContinue reading “Data Privacy vs Data Security: What is the Core Difference”

How organisations should tackle their data privacy requirements

The pandemic has unprecedently shifted everyone online. Likewise, the businesses, educational institutes and companies also went digital to continue their operations. The contactless conversations and transactions have now become a common practice. In such arena, huge volume of data is collected shared and transferred every second and due to this privacy and security risk areContinue reading “How organisations should tackle their data privacy requirements”

GDPR Compliance: 8 Steps B2B Marketers Need to Take

Marketing is a crucial business function which pushes business growth by enabling sale of products and services. Effective marketing strategies are the biggest determinant of business development and global recognition. The marketing industry has seen a massive boom in the recent years through digitalisation. Since digital marketing is conducted online, it targets prospective audience throughContinue reading “GDPR Compliance: 8 Steps B2B Marketers Need to Take”

What is a ROPA?

A Record of Processing Activities (ROPA) is an internal document. It helps in creating an overall picture of the processing of personal data and is used to demonstrate that the personal data is being processed in accordance with data protection legislation. It is an integral part of demonstrating the organization’s accountability towards data protection andContinue reading “What is a ROPA?”