Is Digital Data Training Enough?

Amid the pandemic, all the organization whether public or private have started working virtually more than ever and this has exponentially increased the cybersecurity risk and threats which invariably impacts the personal data of users shared via their devices, e-mail, servers etc. Certainly, to ensure privacy and to protect the personal data of its citizens around 110 countries across the world have passed and enforced data protection laws.

Data protection laws focus on preventing mishandling of data for extraneous or unauthorised purposes. This is done by requiring data controllers and processors to specify the legitimate purposes of collecting data, obtain consent for processing data for a specific purpose, ensure no unauthorized access, formulating and publish privacy policies etc.

All these compliances require specialized knowledge and skills to safeguard all the data that is being processed in a lawful and compliant manner. Most data protection laws impose hefty fines on its violation along with loss of reputation.  This has raised the need of data privacy experts and professionals in the organisations. Alone in Brazil there was study published highlighting requirements of 50000 Data Protection Officers. It therefore becomes pertinent for professionals and students to undergo data protection certification’s training from in today’s time.

Why are data certifications important?

For organisations

Data protection laws requires organisations to train their stakeholders in order to ensure protection of personal data in addition to appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who offers data privacy services and consultancy. DPO plays a crucial role in an organisation as they ensure compliance with data protection laws when handling personal data in different jurisdictions. EU-GDPR which is golden standard of data protection laws, LGPD – Brazil, PDPA – Singapore and several other laws which requires organisations to appoint DPO in certain cases and train stakeholders about the data privacy compliance. Non-compliance of which can attracts huge penalties as per the respective jurisdictions.

For individuals

As highlighted above the opportunities in the field of cybersecurity and data privacy have been growing considerably and with these need to have data protection certifications trainings have also increased. It is pertinent of professionals to have these certifications cleared so as to mark their expertise in their organization and for growth opportunities.

Here are certain benefits of digital data protection training:

  • Internationally recognized

Such certifications are nationally and internationally recognized by organizations with qualified data protection expertise. The digital data protection trainings are provided for such certifications.

  • Avoiding fines and penalties

Data Protection laws provides for hefty fines and penalties which can go upto 4% of global turnover. With right expertise, these fines can be avoided.

  • Protecting reputation and consumers

Any fine or investigation into the compliance of a firm has the potential of harming its reputation. It can lead to consumers switching to other complaint competitors. Data protection training and certifications thus ensures that the companies have taken steps to train their staff on handling data privacy obligations.

  • Comfort of home or office

The data protection trainings are conducted online, through subject matter experts without any software installation and preparation time. These courses can be taken by an employee at his time at the comfort at his home or office. These trainings can be self-paced learning mode, thus can be finished anywhere and on your own timeline.

  • Increases stakeholder’s accountability

Data protection training ensures that the employees handling personal data are well aware for handling personal data requests and in the event of a breach. The DPO in organisations are entrusted with duties to comply with obligation under the applicable data protection laws.

  • Proctored exam

Many such certifications can be completed by appearing for exam from home or office in proctored mode i.e. live monitoring through web-cam.

These concludes that the digital trainings are the best and convenient way to pursue data protection certifications.

We are the official training partner of Data Security Council of India (DSCI) for DCPP certification which one of the recognised data protection certification in India. The trainings provided very convenient for any one as it is self-paced, completely online, available 24*7, with doubt solving chat support.

You can read more about our data protection trainings here.

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