With the increasing reliance on and ubiquity of technology in private and professional spheres, data privacy is a particular concern of States. Numerous countries have established their own privacy law to protect the personal data and rights of their citizens and residents. Thus, any major entity operating physically and virtually across multiple borders and engaging with citizens of different countries have a higher mandate to devise their privacy policies so as to ensure seamless compliance with a multitude of privacy laws.

The introduction of GDPR set the ball in motion and has been followed by countries within the region by either becoming GDPR compliant or other counties establishing their National Privacy Laws built on the framework of GDPR itself. This has allowed for a uniform net of data protection laws being cast over a considerable fraction of the world but compliance can still be tricky given the proliferation of multiple privacy laws across different jurisdictions. Furthermore, given that there are countries without a specialised Data protection law dedicated to regulating the data processing of their citizens, there is still a lot left to figure out to achieve global compliance.

Customizing a Global Privacy Program

A Global Privacy Program customised for an organisation may be a multi-faced project which would include a centralised policy, establishment of a dedicated privacy officer, risk-assessment and compliance regulation. For example, GDPR necessitates the establishment of a Data Protection Officer position in the organizations. An officer such as this would be a vital part of grievance resolution. Similarly, Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), which involve risk-based assessment of processing, are needed before starting to process personal data. A natural corollary of risk assessment is the need for an incident management to ensure damage control and improving the practices.

This process is supported by procedures, protocols, training, drills, and other various activities. To determine the safeguard measures required to be carried out during the processing of data, the entity must consider the kind of data being processed, who would have access to it, important elements of processing such as storage or sharing etc. The employees responsible for handling such procedures need to be adequately trained to ensure true compliance with the policy. So, awareness and training programs become a part of the overall policy.

With our experienced and practical team of data privacy and technology lawyers, we offer a full range of privacy program to help your organization achieve a privacy program with global coverage.

As part of our Global Privacy Program, we can help you:

  • Maintain Privacy Governance Structures
  • Maintain Personal Data Inventory and Data Transfer Mechanism
  • Policy and Notice Management
  • Embed Data Privacy into Operations
  • Maintain Data Privacy Breach Management Program
  • Maintain Training and Awareness Program for Stakeholders
  • Manage Information Security Risk
  • Monitor for New Operational Practices Risks
  • Monitor Data Handling Practices

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