GDPR Consulting Services

At Privacy Desk, we offer compliance solutions and services to our clients all around the world. Privacy Desk has a team of lawyers and privacy experts who ensures that organization complies with the legislation, acts accordingly regarding data protection practices and has general ownership of data processing activities. As GDPR compliances are applicable from May 25th 2018, our team of experienced and certified GDPR implementers are experts in assisting various companies and businesses in implementing solutions as a part of our GDPR compliance services. Our global presence and experience make us competent to enable us to deliver to you honest, objective, thoughtful, and experienced advice that helps them stay one step ahead to flourish their business.

GDPR is hailed as one of the strictest data protection regime across jurisdictions. It has been instrumental in fostering a uniform data protection atmosphere within the European Union and has also facilitated the introduction of National Legislations built upon the GDPR framework. The provisions of GDPR mandate compliance for processing related to the data of subjects in the European Union even if the data processing takes place outside the territorial limits. The focus of GDPR is data protection including data which is relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Thus the GDPR mandates businesses and companies to incorporate sufficient and appropriate data protection measures, to legally practice the processing of data as required in their industry.

Our GDPR Consulting services/ GDPR compliance services help the companies be ready to embrace any impact on any sector of the organisation. Our GDPR consultancy services help to enhance or maintain the privacy compliance and program of the company to handle the scale of data in the scale it is processed. The crucial principles embedded in the GDPR that also provide the framework of holistic data protection cast the obligation on data controllers that all processing of data must be accorded the requisite layers of protection.

Compliance Obligations under GDPR

  • The processing must be lawful, fair and transparent with regards to the data subject.
  • The legitimate purpose for data processing must be specified and expressly conveyed to such data subject.
  • The data controllers must also comply with the principles of data minimization, storage limitation, maintaining accuracy of data along with the security, integrity and confidentially of such data by way of implementing adequate security measures.
  • For demonstrating GDPR compliance, a substantial obligation of abiding variety of measures should be adopted by your organization for data protection, such as appointment of Data Protection Officers, establishing Data Protection by design, designation of data protection responsibilities to the team along with adequate training and awareness exercises.

Principles of GDPR

GDPR also specifies certain principles under Article 5, which specify the nature of the legislative regime and thus form a fundamental structure to build the compliance under GDPR on.

  • Personal data should be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner
  • Personal data should be collected for a specific requirement and such processing should be limited to the specific purpose.
  • Personal data collected should be relevant and limited to the necessity of the processing purpose.
  • Personal data collected should be accurate and kept up to date. Data which is not accurate should be erased without any delay.
  • Personal data should be stored for such period as long as necessary.
  • There should be appropriate security of the personal data used in processing.

Why is GDPR Consulting important

GDPR is considered as the golden standard for data protection. Since its introduction in May 2018, it has revolutionized the concept of personal data and provided with a legal background for protection of personal data. Compliance with the spirit of GDPR is therefore a fundamental block for maintaining a good data protection practice within the organisation. Failure to comply with the principles may open the doors for substantial fines on the organisation. Article 83(5)(a) states that infringements of the basic principles for processing personal data are subject to the highest tier of administrative fines. This could mean a fine of up to £17.5 million, or 4% of worldwide annual turnover, whichever is higher.

GDPR Consulting Service/ GDPR Compliance Service

As per the size and scale of an organisation, GDPR consulting may entail:

  • The conducting of Data Protection Impact Assessments
  • Review of contracts between the controller and the processor
  • Advises and guidance from GDPR experts and consultants
  • Reviewing of the company practices and comparing that with the best practices of the industry
  • Implementing technical and organisational appropriate measures for technical and organisational compliance to GDPR
  • Reviewing and assisting the company in discharge of their duties in GDPR compliance
  • Providing GAP analysis and providing recommendations on the findings from the assessment
  • Assessing and recommending on content of the privacy policies
  • Liaisoning with all relevant stakeholders
  • Examining the current data policies and providing recommendations for strategic improvements
  • Ensuring proper steps are taken for customer requests by examining the grievance channels
  • Assessment of compliance and remedial efforts

With the vast impact of GDPR on organisations various activities, our GDPR Consulting Services/ GDPR Compliance services offer an exclusive benefit of providing curated services as per the organizations needs and structures. Reach out to us below to know more:

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