Issue 168


  • ICO highlights the importance of recordkeeping and notes that the Cabinet Office is to issue guidance on using non-corporate communications channels to improve transparency and accountability.
  • The Council of Europe released a revised version of the draft Model Contractual Clauses for the Transfer of Personal Data from Controller to Controller.
  • Switzerland’s Federal Office of Justice published FAQ on the revised Federal Act on Data Protection.


  • FTC issued a ban on an online counselling service for sharing consumer health data, including sensitive information about mental health challenges, for advertising.
  • The Tennessee Attorney General enforced a Request for Information against TikTok, Inc., believing them to be in violation of the State’s Consumer Protection statute.
  • The White House published the National Cybersecurity Strategy to secure the digital ecosystem for all Americans.


  • Parliamentary standing committee of IT and Communications approved the new data protection bill. Reports The Hindu Business Line
  • The Securities and Exchange Board of India published an advisory regarding cybersecurity best practices.
  • The Japanese Cabinet Office released draft revised Guidelines for the Handling of Personal Information in the Utilisation of Geospatial Information, and is requesting public comments on the same.