Issue 118

Enforcement updates

The Spanish Data Protection Authority (AEPD) fined Amazon Road Transport Spain S.L.U for EUR 2 million for unlawfully processing criminal conviction data. AEPD received a claim from the General Union Workers stating that for hiring self-employed contractors, candidates were required to provide Amazon Road Transport with certificates of absence of a criminal record. AEPD found that Amazon Road Transport failed to implement adequate procedures for collection and processing criminal conviction data.

France’s Competition Authority (Autorité de la concurrence) imposed a fine of EUR 300 million on the electricity provider Electricité de France (EDF) for abusing its dominant position in the market for over 15 years. In its decision, the Authority found that EDF used data from its customers to maintain its market share and limit the development of its competitors. The data was also used by EDF to understand the demand of its customers in order to offer them services in addition to the supply of electricity.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) issued a fine of EUR 525 thousand against DPG Media who asked users and other data subjects who did not have an account with DPG to upload a copy of their proof of identity to verify their identity for exercising their rights of access and erasure. The DPA investigated how the mechanisms for exercising rights were being operated by DPG and concluded that the subject shall be identified based on the information it already has on this data subject, and collecting personal ID information can only be done if there is a legal basis to do so, since it contains a lot of sensitive information.

Data Protection and Privacy Articles – New

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  • Applicability of Data Protection Laws on Employee’s Personal Data – Read Now.
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Guidance updates 

  • Italian Data Protection Authority adopted its opinion on draft guidelines on use of public digital identity system for minors.
  • Spanish Data Protection Authority approved the regulatory code of conduct for processing personal in the field of clinic trials.
  • Japan’s Data Protection Authority released checkpoints for enforcement of the amended Protection of Personal Information Act (APPI).

UK updates

  • The Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner published the updated Surveillance Camera Code of Practice.
  • The Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner issued guidance on self-certification for manufactures of video surveillance systems in for compliance with the Code of Practice.
  • UK Department for International Trade announced digital economy deal signed between UK and Singapore.

Regulatory updates

  • Oman’s Ministry of Information announced new data protection law.
  • Federal Cabinet of Pakistan approved the draft of the Personal Data Protection Bill 2021.
  • Turkey’s Official Gazette published Regulation on the Protection and Processing of Data at the Social Security Institution. 

 US updates

  • Bill on Privacy and Biometric Data introduced in California Senate.
  • Consumer Privacy Bill introduced in Utah’s Senate.
  • Wisconsin State Assembly passed the Bill for Consumer Data Protection.
  • Bill to adopt the Uniform Personal Data Protection Act was introduced in the Nebraska State Legislature.

EU updates

  • European Data Protection Board announced the launch of first coordinated enforcement action on use of cloud by public sector.
  • European Commission published a proposal for a new Data Act for regulation on Harmonized Rules on Fair Access to and Use of Data.
  • European Commission launched an online consultation platform on European Digital Identity Wallets.

News around the globe

  • The Digital Cooperation Organization issued a joint statement regarding the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies of Global Tech Companies.
  • Pro Ukrainian Hackers are organized to launch a cyber-attack on Russian Government infrastructure. Reports Politico.
  • Data leak at Credit Suisse reveals information of over 30 thousand account holders. Reports The Guardian.

 Big tech updates

  • Texas Attorney General investigated TikTok for Human trafficking child privacy violations.
  • Facebook received preliminary decision from its lead supervisory authority containing restrictions for exporting user data to the US. Reports Techcrunch.

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