Data Principal

Data Principal just as Data Subject in EU GDPR plays a pivotal role in DPDPB, 2023 as he/ she is the one whose data is to be protected.

Under DPDPB, 2023 data principal refers to the individual whose data is being processed.

Rights of Data Principal

  • Right to information about personal data – To obtain confirmation of processing, summary of personal data, identification of data fiduciaries with whom personal data has been shared, etc.
  • Right to correction and erasure of personal data – To ask for correction of inaccurate data or updating data or even deletion of data.
  • Right of grievance redressal – To file a complaint with the data fiduciary and file a grievance with the data protection board.
  • Right to nominate – To nominate any person to exercise these rights upon death or incapacitation of the data principal

Duties of Data Principal

DPDPB includes basic duties of data principals to ensure that rights are not misused and they are not exercised in a way that negatively affects others.