Covid-19 Advisory

The Covid-19 pandemic has caught all of us unawares. While the Governments and medical agencies are doing their best to contain the pandemic, the situation has worsened in the last few days due to the multiplier effect by the coronavirus passing on from infected persons to other persons.

Resultantly, all organisations have shifted to working from home. In this backdrop, it becomes necessary for organisations to have a work from home policy in place. Keeping this in mind, we have carved out some simple but important checks for you from a data privacy point of view:

  • Do not work on any sort of a “open wifi” or “public wifi”. Have a strong, unique password for your home wifi.
  • Make sure your network encryption is activated.
  • Lock your screen after non-use for a set period of time.
  • Be careful\ to not transfer any data from your official email IDs to personal email IDs or through USBs/ hard disks or any other mechanism.
  • IT team to ensure that if your organisation uses cloud or VPN services, then device intrusion checks such as USB sticks being plugged in or locking can be done so that information can’t be saved from the cloud drive to the local C drive.
  • IT team to ensure that confidential or personal information can be pseudonymised or encrypted so that the data cannot be accessed and read by persons who it is not intended for.
  • IT team to ensure that all employees have access to web and audio conferencing accounts and to have chat programs in place

Be responsible, stay safe !

Free Covid-19 Advisory

Reina Legal strongly believes in giving back to the society. As an endeavour to overcome the economic, commercial challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, we offer pro-bono advisory services to individuals as well as business entities (specially start-ups) till 30 April 2020. Reach out to us on with your contact details and our team will get back to you. Your legal queries sought should be directly concerning the pandemic and those which can be addressed over a 15 minute phone call (since the queries requiring extensive review of the records/ information, detailed discussions may not be addressed by us).